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This photo shows the Zania outdoor table by RODA

Zania - Table

RODA and Zania . The ZANIA collection represents an elegant series of chairs and tables for outdoor use with a contemporary design, ideal to integrate naturally into contract spaces such as hotels and restaurants. Consisting of a coffee table, a bar stool and a stackable chair with armrests, ZANIA is made of FSC-certified Iroko wood, known for its warm tone, durability and resistance to moisture. The collection's distinctive design is characterised by slatted surfaces and rounded legs, lending a refined and functional touch to the most diverse environments.   Read more
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Explore the excellence of the Zania table, the touch of class that innovates any space

In the spotlight, a fusion of craftsmanship and innovation

At the heart of any self-respecting home, the Zania table emerges as a masterpiece of design, the result of a refined exploration of functionality and aesthetics. Made from the finest materials, this product stands out for its clean lines and sturdy structure, designed to last. The minimalist design, enhanced by unique details, makes Zania the centrepiece of conviviality and style, ideal for those who wish to add a touch of class to their living space. Available in the Showroom in Como and Lugano, Zania represents the pinnacle of designer furniture, a symbol of discreet yet unmistakable luxury.

This photo shows the Zania outdoor table by RODA

Where inspiration comes from

Untold curiosities, the secret of the Zania table

Discover the fascinating background of the Zania table: a table born out of admiration for nature and architecture. Its shape evokes the soft lines of natural landscapes, while the structure recalls imposing architectural constructions, creating a design object that is both a tribute to the beauty of our world. Visit the Como and Lugano showrooms to experience this fusion of inspirations.

A leap into the future of furniture

Innovation at the core, revolutionising design

The Zania table is not just aesthetics, it is also cutting-edge technology. Thanks to the use of sustainable materials and state-of-the-art production techniques, this table not only beautifies spaces but transforms them into more responsible environments. Its innovation lies in the balance between beauty and sustainability, which can be seen in our showrooms in Como and Lugano.

Aesthetics that strike the heart

The beauty of the Zania table, a work of art

The Zania table reveals itself as a true piece of contemporary design, whose beauty transcends mere functionality. Every detail has been taken care of to evoke emotions, making each piece unique and unrepeatable. Let yourself be captivated by its scenic presence by visiting our showrooms in Como and Lugano.


Why choose the Zania table for your home

What are the unique advantages of the Zania table

the Zania table is not simply a table, but a statement of style and quality that elevates any room. Offering an unparalleled combination of durability, design and functionality, it meets the demands of a modern interior that does not neglect the ecological and sustainable aspect. Its versatility makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, adapting beautifully to various living situations. The selection of materials, attention to detail and commitment to the pursuit of excellence make the Zania table the ideal choice for those seeking not only a piece of furniture but a true symbol of innovation and beauty. Visit the Como and Lugano showrooms to discover how the Zania table can transform your space into a unique design experience.

This photo shows the Zania outdoor table by RODA
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