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Bend Sofa

The Bend Sofa (composition BS003) by B&B Italia is a modular sofa with a unique and innovative design. Its irregular and sinuous shape has been achieved thanks to a cutting-edge digital study, which has made it possible to achieve maximum comfort. The undulating modules, available in different shapes and sizes, allow many different configurations to be created, making the sofa perfect for adapting to any environment and space. Upholstery fabric cat. super. The selected product has the following dimensions: 330 cm x 177.5 cm x h 65 cm. Complete with 2 back cushions 60 cm x 40 cm, 1 cushion 60 cm x 55 cm, 1 support 35 cm x 18 cm.  Read more
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Bend Sofa - Modular sofa with an irregular personality

A digital studio for maximum comfort and beauty of form

The Bend Sofa modular sofa is a unique product that combines beautiful shapes with maximum comfort. Its irregular and sinuous design was achieved through a digital study that allowed 3D models to be created for maximum comfort. Its shape is shaped by hand, but is actually the result of digital research and innovative algorithms. Its undulating shape, created by alternating solids and voids, creates a feeling of movement that is emphasised by the contrasting stitching on its surface. The modular Bend Sofa offers a wide range of configurations to meet every need.

A state-of-the-art production technique

The curiosity of the Bend Sofa

The Bend Sofa was created using a state-of-the-art production technique that makes it unique. The shape of the sofa was created through the use of digital technology and innovative algorithms, which resulted in an irregular, sinuous shape. Furthermore, the undulating modules, assembled from seat, ottoman and corner elements, allow for a wide range of configurations to meet every need.

Modular, modular and customisable

The Bend Sofa innovation

The Bend Sofa is an innovative product thanks to its modularity, composability and customisability. The undulating modules can be combined in many different configurations, making the sofa perfect to fit any environment and space. Furthermore, the sofa's finish can be customised by choosing from a wide range of fabrics and colours.

A functional sofa

The unique aesthetics of the Bend Sofa

The Bend Sofa is a functional work of art that fits perfectly into any environment. Its irregular, sinuous shape makes it unique and turns it into a design highlight. The contrasting stitching on its irregular surface creates an additional pattern that emphasises its beauty. The BEND SOFA is perfect for those who want to add a touch of originality to their space.


What configurations are available for the Bend Sofa?

Discover all the possibilities of customising your modular sofa

The Bend Sofa is a modular sofa that offers numerous customisation possibilities. The undulating modules, available in different shapes and sizes, can be combined in many different configurations. It is possible to create small linear versions or large versions, or even original and alternative solutions to the traditional canons. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of fabrics and colours for the sofa's finish to further customise it and make it unique. The BEND SOFA is a versatile product that can be adapted to any need, perfect for those seeking a modular sofa with a unique and customised design.

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