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Groundpiece are corner sofas designed by Antonio Citterio, offered by Peverelli

Groundpiece sofa

This Groundpiece sofa configuration was selected to enhance the living rooms of the most prestigious residences in the world. This modular sofa can easily adapt to different room sizes, offering high flexibility and versatility. The product in the configuration visible in the image on the left (421 x 361 cm) was selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Groundpiece: the design sofa symbol of Italian excellence

Discover the perfect combination of beauty, comfort and versatility in a unique and exclusive sofa made of fine materials and Italian craftsmanship

The Groundpiece sofa is the fruit of a constant search for beauty and perfection, which is manifested in its extraordinary flexibility of customisation, offered through hundreds of covering options and the use of precious materials, created thanks to the mastery of Italian craftsmanship. The exclusive design of the Groundpiece sofa represents the excellence of Italian design, the result of the experience and mastery of Flexform, a leader in the production of high quality furniture with a long tradition of excellence and innovation.
This designer sofa expresses the perfect combination of beauty and versatility, thanks to its extraordinary configuration flexibility. The modularity of the sofa allows you to adapt the living space to your needs and enjoy unparalleled comfort. You can choose between a classic linear shape or opt for a corner shape, thus creating a customised and unique environment according to your needs and preferences.
The Groundpiece sofa represents a unique and exclusive piece of furniture, the result of extreme care for every detail. The choice of high-quality materials, such as leather and fine fabrics, combined with Italian craftsmanship, give the sofa an image of luxury and refinement.
Choosing a Groundpiece sofa means investing in a product for life.


Groundpiece are corner sofas designed by Antonio Citterio, offered by Peverelli
Groundpiece are corner sofas designed by Antonio Citterio, offered by Peverelli


Groundpiece: an icon of contemporary design

The Groundpiece sofa is a masterpiece of design, offering timeless beauty. Its unique and elegant form fits perfectly into any interior design style, while retaining its identity and beauty unchanged. The combination of simple, elegant lines with high-quality materials makes this sofa an iconic design element that will never go out of fashion. Its beauty is destined to endure and become a valuable piece of furniture for any exclusive designer residence.

Groundpiece are corner sofas designed by Antonio Citterio, offered by Peverelli


The armrest as added value of Groundpiece

The armrest of Groundpiece designer sofas is a distinctive and functional element. Available in different finishes, the armrest not only lends elegance and style to the sofa, but is also a functional and practical addition to any exclusive residence. The armrest of the Groundpiece sofa can also be conceived as a small personal bookcase, capable of holding books and objects. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the armrest provides a comfortable surface to rest a drink or laptop on, or as a practical work surface.
The decision to integrate the functionality of the armrest into the overall design of the sofa testifies to Flexform's attention to individual needs and preferences. The armrest of Groundpiece sofas represents an added value to an already unique and exclusive piece of furniture.

Groundpiece are corner sofas designed by Antonio Citterio, offered by Peverelli


The Groundpiece sofa with a unique chaise longue

One of the distinctive elements of the Groundpiece sofa is the chaise longue, which is a versatile solution for customising one's living space. The chaise longue can be arranged in many different compositions within a living room.
The Groundpiece sofa chaise longue is also an ideal option for those seeking a more comfortable and spacious seating experience. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and padded support, the chaise longue offers unparalleled comfort and a feeling of well-being. The ability to customise the position and orientation of the chaise longue makes the Groundpiece sofa a highly versatile solution for customising the living space


Groundpiece: the excellence of Italian design combined with the craftsmanship of Antonio Citterio

The designer sofa that combines aesthetics and functionality, with high-quality materials and attention to every detail

Architect Antonio Citterio, one of the world's most celebrated designers, has collaborated with Flexform to create a true masterpiece of design: the Groundpiece sofa.
Antonio Citterio has imprinted Groundpiece sofa with his inimitable style, combining the experience gained over the years with the consolidated craftsmanship of Flexform. The result is a sofa of innovative design, capable of enriching the way people around the world sit, thanks to its perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.
Groundpiece represents the excellence of Italian design, with fine materials and careful attention to every detail. The sofa's elegant and sophisticated shape, its clean and refined lines, and its flexible configuration make it a high-quality piece of furniture, destined to last over time and to represent a symbol of luxury and refinement.

Groundpiece are corner sofas designed by Antonio Citterio, offered by Peverelli

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