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Giorgetti Meda dealers in Lugano, Como and Milan. Giorgetti's Soho sofa is a modern and elegant design product, suspended on aluminium feet and with a unique armrest.
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SoHo Sofa by Giorgetti

A modern and elegant work of art

Giorgetti's SoHo sofa is a modern and sophisticated design product, with an attention to detail that makes it a work of art. Suspended on aluminium feet, the sofa has an armrest that extends to behind the backrest, with a seam dividing it and embellishing it. The light and airy structure of the SoHo makes it perfect for a wide range of environments, from a classic bourgeois Milanese or Parisian flat to an ultra-modern home in Miami or Los Angeles.

An ecological and sustainable product

Curiosity about Giorgetti's Soho

The Soho sofa is made with an eye to environmental sustainability. The materials used in its construction are of high quality and low environmental impact, starting with the upholstery in rigid, open-cell polyurethane foam, which guarantees long life and exceptional resistance to wear and tear. The choice of fabrics and finishes has been made to minimise environmental impact, and the sofa is completely recyclable.

A modern and functional armrest

Soho designer sofa innovation

The Soho armrest was designed with the aim of combining functionality and aesthetics. Its elongated and curved shape follows the line of the backrest, creating a harmonious and sophisticated unit. The seam dividing it has been made with great attention to detail, and the result is a modern capitonné that gives the sofa a touch of elegance and sophistication.

A masterpiece of modern design

Opinion on the beauty of Soho

Giorgetti's Soho is a masterpiece of modern design, perfect for those seeking a high-quality, elegant product. Its light structure suspended on aluminium feet makes it extremely sophisticated, while the modern and functional armrest adds a unique touch of style. The Soho fits perfectly into any type of décor, from the ultra-modern to the more classic home.


Why choose Giorgetti's Soho?

A unique and versatile product

Giorgetti's SoHo is an ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality and versatile product. Thanks to its lightweight structure and aluminium feet, the sofa fits perfectly into any type of environment, from classic to modern. Moreover, its attention to detail makes it a unique product, with a modern and functional armrest that adds a touch of style and elegance. The choice of high-quality, low-impact materials makes it environmentally friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, the SoHo is fully customisable, with a wide range of fabrics and finishes available to satisfy every need and aesthetic taste. Giorgetti's SoHo is the ideal choice for those seeking a modern and elegant design product, without sacrificing functionality and versatility.

This photo shows the Soho design element by Giorgetti
Data sheet

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