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Cattelan Italy


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Spyder by Cattelan Italia combines excellent craftsmanship and design versatility. This unique piece features an X-shaped steel base, available in a variety of materials and finishes, including glass, wood and ceramic. The refined elegance of Spyder, with its meticulous attention to detail, promises to bring a touch of modern class to any dining room.  Read more
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How is Cattelan Italia's Spider table produced?

Precision craftsmanship, high quality materials

Spyder by Cattelan Italia is the epitome of perfection, thanks to its high-quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The bold X-shaped steel base, brilliantly finished, underlines the elegance of the precious top. The model is offered in different variants, with a choice of materials, sizes and shapes, from the basic glass version to the Wood and Keramik variants, with modern wood and premium ceramic tops. Spyder Keramik Premium and Keramik Premium Round are further refinements, with hand-brushed edges and geometric details.


This photo shows the Cattelan Italia table set in a contemporary design context

Behind the scene

The creation of the Spider table

Each Spyder table goes through a rigorous and careful process. Its unique X-shaped base is hand-finished by skilled craftsmen to ensure that every detail is perfect, making each piece unique.

Innovation in design

The evolution of the Spider table

Innovation lies at the heart of the Spyder design table. Its different variations, from glass tops to wood and ceramic models, show how Spyder adapts to the times, combining contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship.

Art in Design

The charm of the Spider design table

Spyder is more than a table, it is a true masterpiece. Its geometric shape, the contrast between the steel base and the fine top, and its sophisticated finish make Spyder an eye-catching piece of furniture.


Why choose Spider?

The value of Cattelan Italia design

Choosing Spyder means opting for a unique design piece that will enrich any room with its modern style and superior quality. Its distinctive appearance, thanks to its X-shaped steel base and shiny finish, together with the versatility provided by the different variants, makes Spyder an excellent choice for design lovers. The possibility of choosing between different materials, from glass to wood and ceramic, and the availability of models with details such as hand-brushed edges, offer a high level of customisation, allowing everyone to find the perfect Spyder table for their needs. Finally, the dedication to quality, demonstrated by meticulous attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, makes Spyder a long-term choice, an investment in a piece of furniture that will remain beautiful and functional for years to come

This photo shows the Cattelan Italia table set in a contemporary design context

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