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The Standard sofa is an innovative and versatile piece of furniture that offers customised comfort thanks to the Intelligent Cushion and deep seating. The flexibility of composition and the use of Gellyfoam make it an ideal option for those seeking style, comfort and functionality. The product in the configuration visible in the image on the left (236 x 499 cm) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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The innovative sofa that offers maximum customised comfort

Discover how to customise compositions to meet every aesthetic and space requirement

Maximum comfort in any position is at the heart of our innovative sofa design. The Intelligent Cushion is the beating heart of the seating experience, offering unprecedented flexibility. The armrests and backrests are no longer rigid and can be shaped at will with a simple hand movement. The enveloping and informal feel of the deepest seats is the result of years of technological research to achieve an exclusive model that fully meets the user's needs. Offering full freedom to combine seats of different shapes and depths, our sofa allows for customised linear, corner or free-standing compositions. The result is an extremely versatile piece of furniture, able to adapt perfectly to different space requirements and aesthetic taste.

Innovative technology

The Intelligent Standard Sofa Cushion by Edra

The Intelligent Cushion is at the heart of the Standard sofa's design. Thanks to this innovative technology, the backrests and armrests can be shaped at will, offering unprecedented flexibility and a customised seating experience. The shape and height of the backrests and armrests can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort in any position, making the sofa perfect for relaxation and conversation. The Intelligent Cushion is the result of years of technological and design research, and is an example of Edra's attention to detail and customisation.


Customisable compositions of the Standard sofa

The Standard sofa is an example of innovative design that stands out for its flexibility of composition. The possibility of juxtaposing seats of different shapes and depths makes it possible to customise the sofa layout in a linear, corner or free-standing manner, according to space requirements and aesthetic taste. Thanks to its versatility, this sofa is perfectly suited to modern and contemporary environments, where customisation and flexibility are fundamental elements. The possibility of choosing the arrangement of the seats allows the sofa to adapt to any space, always guaranteeing maximum comfort and the elegance of a unique and inimitable style.

Relaxation and well-being

Informal comfort of the designer sofa

The deeper seats of the Standard sofa offer a cosy, informal feeling that promotes relaxation and well-being. This informal comfort is the result of years of technological research to achieve an exclusive model that fully satisfies all requirements. The deep seating of Edra's Standard sofa offers a fully customised seating experience, allowing you to relax in any position and find your own balance.


What are the characteristics of the Gellyfoam material used in Edra's Standard sofa?

Superior comfort provided by Gellyfoam in the Standard sofa

The Gellyfoam material used in Edra's Standard sofa is a type of foam that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, guaranteeing optimal comfort and support. This foam has been developed through years of technological research to achieve a higher level of performance than traditional foams. Gellyfoam is composed of a mixture of gel and foam that allows it to retain its original shape even after prolonged use. This means that Edra's Standard sofa retains its appearance and shape over time, providing a consistently comfortable and high-quality seat.

Data sheet

Technical Information

Peverelli recommends this composition: STDTsx - STDA2 - STDEC - STDN20


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