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This is the Any Day design dining table

Any Day

the Any Day Outdoor is a dining table that exemplifies the combination of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. With its pure lines and minimalist design, it blends harmoniously into any outdoor environment while remaining true to the philosophy of sustainability. You can discover it in our showrooms in Como and Lugano.  Read more
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Why is Any Day outdoor The Essential Dining Table of 2023?

A balancing act between design and functionality

Presenting an essential design and pure lines, the Any Day Outdoor dining table embodies a fusion of aesthetics and durability. Its rigorous stainless steel frame, also available with epoxy paint, offers a wide range of refined colours. The top, with slats of solid iroko wood, is available in natural, lacquered white, stained grey, or a selection of natural stones. Its various dimensions make it adaptable to any environment. You can admire it at our showroom in Como and Lugano.

This is the Any Day design dining table
This is the Any Day design dining table


What is the secret of the versatility of the Any Day Outdoor table?

The Any Day Outdoor table boasts a sustainable design. Most of its components can be recycled, making it an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious designer.

This is the Any Day design dining table


How is innovation and tradition combined in the Any Day Outdoor table?

The Any Day Outdoor reinvents the concept of outdoor furniture with robust yet refined materials such as stainless steel and iroko wood. This table brings innovation without sacrificing the essence of traditional design.

This is the Any Day design dining table


What is it that makes the Any Day Outdoor table a pure expression of beauty?

The Any Day Outdoor table reflects the beauty of intentional imperfection, evoked in the essential lines and the combination of contrasting materials. It is a masterpiece that exalts simplicity in design.


Why should the Any Day Outdoor table be your next design choice?

A harmony of style, sustainability and innovation

Looking for a dining table that embodies timeless design, sustainability and functionality? The Any Day Outdoor is the answer. With its stainless steel frame and iroko wood or natural stone top, it adapts harmoniously to any outdoor environment, withstanding the challenges of the elements. Its range of finishes allows for extreme customisation, making each piece unique. Moreover, its versatility in dimensions offers unparalleled adaptability. Widely recyclable, the table also respects the planet, a detail that does not go unnoticed in the era of eco-design. Visit our showrooms in Como and Lugano to experience the quality and design of the Any Day Outdoor.

This is the Any Day design dining table
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